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At Octomed, We ensure our clients experience the simplified Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Billing processes. We specialize in multi-specialty revenue billing cycles for hospitals, physicians, group medical service providers, EHR companies, and medical billing companies. Our key strengths lie in achieving lead KPIs, helping your businesses save money by submitting well-documented clean claims for a fast turnaround time of A/Rs and assisting the provider in credentialing to tap into a broader base of patient servicing.

Medical Services and Programs

Octomed Healthcare provides a comprehensive range of medical services and programs, each with specific billing requirements and coding standards. Here’s an overview of the primary services and programs offered by Octomed Healthcare and their associated medical billing considerations:

Challenges and Solutions in Billing for Octomed Healthcare

Premium Services
Octomed Healthcare offers
to HealthCare Providers

Medical Services

Medical Billing Services

Electronic Claim Submission

Efficiently submit claims electronically for faster processing and payment.

Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize the revenue cycle and improve financial performance for your practice.


Expertly handle claim denials and minimize revenue loss for your medical facility.

Patient Billing Services

Accurately bill patients and manage accounts with our comprehensive services.

Octomed Healthcare

Comprehensive Healthcare Services

This flowchart outlines the step-by-step process involved in patient registration and billing, from initial patient registration through to account closure and reporting. Each step ensures accurate and efficient handling of patient information, medical billing, and insurance claims.

Affordable Medical Billing Services

Our affordable medical billing services are designed to streamline your billing processes and improve financial performance. We offer comprehensive solutions that include eligibility verification, payment posting, and AR follow-up. With our expertise, you can reduce administrative burdens and focus on patient care. Our dedicated team ensures accurate and timely claim submissions, minimizing delays and maximizing revenue. Partner with us for cost-effective billing solutions that enhance your practice’s efficiency and profitability.
Medical Claims Efficiency
$ 1399
Basic (AR Package)
Insurance Eligibility verification
AR Analysis
AR Follow-up
Real-time Reports
Efficiently process medical claims for your business.
Advanced Claim Analysis
$ 1699
Charge Entry
Eligibility Verfication
Claim Rejections
AR Follow-up
AR Analysis
In-depth analysis of medical claims to maximize revenue.
Full Revenue Cycle Management
$ 2099
Charge Entry
Eligibility Verfication
Claim Rejections
AR Follow-up
AR Analysis
Patient Calling
Daily billing and follow-up
Denial management
Real-time Reports
Comprehensive management of the entire revenue cycle.


Unrivaled Expertise and Comprehensive Care Solutions

At Octomed Healthcare, we stand out from the competition with our unmatched expertise and experience in the healthcare industry. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that you receive all the support you need under one roof. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality assurance, ensuring that every task is executed with precision and accuracy.

Expertise and Experience

Showcasing team expertise and leadership.

Licensed Experts

Certified professionals ensuring reliable service.


Prompt, accurate claims processing.

24/7 Priority Support

Responsive and dedicated assistance.

Seamless Scheduling

Book your appointment today and experience seamless, stress-free billing with Octomed Healthcare. Join our community of satisfied clients benefiting from our efficient billing solutions.

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